Holistic carbon farming credits

Rewarding farmers for innovation and regeneration through holistic carbon credits

A degenerative food system

Today, agriculture and forestry activities generate 24% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Global food systems are the world’s biggest driver of nature loss. Intensified agricultural production degrades soils, ecosystems and its productive capacity, necessitating even more intensive food production to keep pace with demand. Current food production depends heavily on the use of inputs such as fertilizer, pesticides, energy, land and water, and on unsustainable practices such as monocropping and heavy tilling. Without reform of our food system, the degeneration of soils and ecosystems will continue to accelerate. 

Transition is hard

Farmers know that this transition costs time, money and resources, while financial benefits are minimal. We want to change that. 

Rewarding farmers for innovation and regeneration

Transitioning towards nature-inclusive and regenerative farming should be stimulated, not discouraged. Regenerative farming can increase soil carbon, biodiversity, water storage, food security, yields, meaningful work and diversified income streams. We want to create systems that reward this positive change. 

We create financial incentives for innovation and regeneration. Together with farmers we account for the added value of switching to regenerative practices. 

The way we work


All our methods and calculations are open for public access. This way we create trust and blueprints for other farmers and accountants. 


Farmers do not want complex, expensive and time-consuming methods. For each farm we create a realistic assessment to save time, money and energy. 


We do not only account for carbon. We use Doughnut economics to account for social, environmental and economic risks and benefits. 

A collaborative effort

In a collaborative effort, wij.land, boerderij de Eenzaamheid and Climate Cleanup are making this project happen. Together we account amongst others for: 

  • CO2
  • Nitrogen
  • Biodiversity
  • Well-being
  • Water storage
  • Soil health
  • Revenue streams

After a holistic assesment, we create carbon certificates that we can sell.  

Do you want to be rewarded for innovation and regeneration? 

This project is aimed at helping farmers to create new innovative and regenerative business models. Would you like to explore a new business model for your farm like Joost van Schie? Or do you want a holistic assessment for your farm? Let’s get in touch!

Email tijn@climatecleanup.org   

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